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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Every time I try to go away
She smiles and I'm back again
Every moment I break free
She beckons and I'm back in chains
She's the puppeteer
Stringing me up whenever she pleases
And I'm the puppet
Forever the dirty sleaze
But I love it
I sure love it

For what man wouldn't
Tumble for those radiant eyes
And what beast could resist
Them sensous pursed lips
Your dainty lovely gait
No other could mirror
And none could parallel
Your delicate coy smile
Nor your surreal charm

So here in the recesses of my reverie
I see your name
A sweet vision of soft cuddles and kisses
My tutelary and my demon
Never will you fade from memory
Indeed even after an aeon
We'll remember these blisses

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Locked in a lovelorn gaze
I watch my love fall into someone's embrace
This here sight is familiar
This sting in my heart is eerily similar

To a time past
Ere my broken soul was recast
A place where I watched her too
Achingly tread, with him, into the blue

Yet the thought of letting you go hurts me so
Just like it did then
The twice bitten beau
Gravely sulking in his den

But damn I should've known
Just like you she said I was the one
From the inceptive gaffe I should have grown
Now alas my soul is riven and with none