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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Every time I try to go away
She smiles and I'm back again
Every moment I break free
She beckons and I'm back in chains
She's the puppeteer
Stringing me up whenever she pleases
And I'm the puppet
Forever the dirty sleaze
But I love it
I sure love it

For what man wouldn't
Tumble for those radiant eyes
And what beast could resist
Them sensous pursed lips
Your dainty lovely gait
No other could mirror
And none could parallel
Your delicate coy smile
Nor your surreal charm

So here in the recesses of my reverie
I see your name
A sweet vision of soft cuddles and kisses
My tutelary and my demon
Never will you fade from memory
Indeed even after an aeon
We'll remember these blisses

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Locked in a lovelorn gaze
I watch my love fall into someone's embrace
This here sight is familiar
This sting in my heart is eerily similar

To a time past
Ere my broken soul was recast
A place where I watched her too
Achingly tread, with him, into the blue

Yet the thought of letting you go hurts me so
Just like it did then
The twice bitten beau
Gravely sulking in his den

But damn I should've known
Just like you she said I was the one
From the inceptive gaffe I should have grown
Now alas my soul is riven and with none

Saturday, August 15, 2015

keep hope alive

The birds sing and the melodies knock at the doors of my ears. I stretch and turn, mm, another turn. But the rays say no and pierce my lids..
mmmh, and stretch and I know another day has begun, a life given and a gift of breath. I sit and I don't know what lies ahead. I remember when Mama used to say...

"You don't have to let go, remember you will survive
The lamb who was slain for our salvation is still alive
And our souls and spirits once dead He has revived
The journey may seem undefined and uncertain
But He will never forsake you and that's certain
All you have to do is never let go, keep praying and keep hope alive"...

You see I strap up and jump out and look around and it is hard to see a glimpse of the yonder land.
I have a dream, I have a goal, I want to make a difference but it appears different. By faith and not by sight, so Pa says.
He has a path for you. O that I may only see what it is and how it will be.
But Brother Paul pops up and questions, hope seen is  not hope at all is it? Then it begins to make sense. Keep hope alive!

Keep the heart, keep the optimism, the perseverance and the endurance alive.
Keep hope alive for he who promised is faithful. In all things glory, the hardest things even more.
For assured are we that the fruits thereof produces perseverance and perseverance character and character hope.
Hope therefore not disappointing, leadeth. Because the love of God leads; being poured into the hearts of many.
We have overcome: Heart, Optimism, Perseverance, Endurance, bounded by the Love of God and the fellowship of His Spirit, We too have prevailed.
Coz we never let go.

Keep Hope Alive!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

happy birthday

What a wonderful day
360 more days I guess you've prayed
Many wishful days you've spent since your birth
Yet so many ahead to live on this earth
Life has not been easy and your mind resonates like bells
Many years you've spent in this hell
The cruelty, betrayals all of this world,
This life, the experiences and the lessons
Life, verily not the most gentle and lenient teacher
But within you lies the very outspoken preacher
May this day set your tongue free
To be able to strive and voice out what you need
May the Lord continue to strengthen you
Increase your days and fill them with things which are true
May you never fall short of blessings
Favour, among men and in the sight of the Lord
May your days be fruitful and your handiworks, successful
I've got for u no gifts,
In fact, no wrapped nice things
But my prayers now and always
These words and a silent wish
Of a happy birthday n fun to come with
I hope sets in your heart to remind you this,
That you are a true n good friend and you'll remain in the havens of ma heart
And the secured archives of my mind
Enjoy your day, chill but with caution
There is always a better tomorrow worth to live for...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

school life

I was sent 2 school
Make your friends your books
To suceed on this road
That's what I was told
I did but just in a different way
Book and pen was the order of the day
But book and pencil filled my days
Words filled my head
But 'twas obvious it wasn't real
A deviation from the road
Fellas stuck to books n pens
Nights, they'd extract info
Mine, I'd pour down ma thoughts
Thoughts that describe my emotions
But I'd fear and myself I'd qts
To what end? Life ain't a race though
But how will ma dad feel?
What will my mum say?
My reaction seeing my friends matriculate
I wrote down ma thots and it alwaes freed ma mynd

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Angelic help

This is just a nice way to tell a dear friend that they mean a lot more than just friends to you.....

Take a look at the skies
Try joining the stars
See it forms your name
Its evident the heaven's your place
Heaven sent,so angelic
Your talk, so deep, touches my spirit
though you make me fall
You still keep me standing up tall
So unique in all ways
By your side it makes me want to stay
And you so filled with love
Indeed, you are an angel from above

Good Bye

This might not actually be the best break-up message but i do believe it will at least reduce the pain and leave your partner thinking of how much they are goin to miss in your absence...

I don't know how you see this ride
But I think I became your plight
That's why, hitherto, I had to alight...
I hate it, becoming a nuisance
In someone's life, like this instance
It hurt, when to you, someone is important
But to them, you just another passer-by
No essence almost like a house-fly
And your stay has a big "Why??"
So I leave, to save you trouble
Coz I know, it can be unbearable
And the feel, really horrible
Don't know but this might be our good-byes
So if i'm your gravity, i leave you to fly high
But hope to ever see you again, maybe our next life