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Saturday, August 15, 2015

keep hope alive

The birds sing and the melodies knock at the doors of my ears. I stretch and turn, mm, another turn. But the rays say no and pierce my lids..
mmmh, and stretch and I know another day has begun, a life given and a gift of breath. I sit and I don't know what lies ahead. I remember when Mama used to say...

"You don't have to let go, remember you will survive
The lamb who was slain for our salvation is still alive
And our souls and spirits once dead He has revived
The journey may seem undefined and uncertain
But He will never forsake you and that's certain
All you have to do is never let go, keep praying and keep hope alive"...

You see I strap up and jump out and look around and it is hard to see a glimpse of the yonder land.
I have a dream, I have a goal, I want to make a difference but it appears different. By faith and not by sight, so Pa says.
He has a path for you. O that I may only see what it is and how it will be.
But Brother Paul pops up and questions, hope seen is  not hope at all is it? Then it begins to make sense. Keep hope alive!

Keep the heart, keep the optimism, the perseverance and the endurance alive.
Keep hope alive for he who promised is faithful. In all things glory, the hardest things even more.
For assured are we that the fruits thereof produces perseverance and perseverance character and character hope.
Hope therefore not disappointing, leadeth. Because the love of God leads; being poured into the hearts of many.
We have overcome: Heart, Optimism, Perseverance, Endurance, bounded by the Love of God and the fellowship of His Spirit, We too have prevailed.
Coz we never let go.

Keep Hope Alive!