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Thursday, July 10, 2014

happy birthday

What a wonderful day
360 more days I guess you've prayed
Many wishful days you've spent since your birth
Yet so many ahead to live on this earth
Life has not been easy and your mind resonates like bells
Many years you've spent in this hell
The cruelty, betrayals all of this world,
This life, the experiences and the lessons
Life, verily not the most gentle and lenient teacher
But within you lies the very outspoken preacher
May this day set your tongue free
To be able to strive and voice out what you need
May the Lord continue to strengthen you
Increase your days and fill them with things which are true
May you never fall short of blessings
Favour, among men and in the sight of the Lord
May your days be fruitful and your handiworks, successful
I've got for u no gifts,
In fact, no wrapped nice things
But my prayers now and always
These words and a silent wish
Of a happy birthday n fun to come with
I hope sets in your heart to remind you this,
That you are a true n good friend and you'll remain in the havens of ma heart
And the secured archives of my mind
Enjoy your day, chill but with caution
There is always a better tomorrow worth to live for...

Thursday, June 5, 2014

school life

I was sent 2 school
Make your friends your books
To suceed on this road
That's what I was told
I did but just in a different way
Book and pen was the order of the day
But book and pencil filled my days
Words filled my head
But 'twas obvious it wasn't real
A deviation from the road
Fellas stuck to books n pens
Nights, they'd extract info
Mine, I'd pour down ma thoughts
Thoughts that describe my emotions
But I'd fear and myself I'd qts
To what end? Life ain't a race though
But how will ma dad feel?
What will my mum say?
My reaction seeing my friends matriculate
I wrote down ma thots and it alwaes freed ma mynd