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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Angelic help

This is just a nice way to tell a dear friend that they mean a lot more than just friends to you.....

Take a look at the skies
Try joining the stars
See it forms your name
Its evident the heaven's your place
Heaven sent,so angelic
Your talk, so deep, touches my spirit
though you make me fall
You still keep me standing up tall
So unique in all ways
By your side it makes me want to stay
And you so filled with love
Indeed, you are an angel from above

Good Bye

This might not actually be the best break-up message but i do believe it will at least reduce the pain and leave your partner thinking of how much they are goin to miss in your absence...

I don't know how you see this ride
But I think I became your plight
That's why, hitherto, I had to alight...
I hate it, becoming a nuisance
In someone's life, like this instance
It hurt, when to you, someone is important
But to them, you just another passer-by
No essence almost like a house-fly
And your stay has a big "Why??"
So I leave, to save you trouble
Coz I know, it can be unbearable
And the feel, really horrible
Don't know but this might be our good-byes
So if i'm your gravity, i leave you to fly high
But hope to ever see you again, maybe our next life

Friday, November 22, 2013

In Love

Like the bermuda triangle,
i've fallen for you, broken my heart's handle
And can't get out 'less divine intervention
Pilot with a confused mind, needs rehabilitation
Navigation so bad, got to do a meditation
can't get my course straight
Pretty lady, hope i didn't arrive late
To show you life from my angle
But only from the preamble

the Youth and Love

No matter how beautiful a girl is,
Don't ever forget this
They are there for you to admire nature
To see how God nurtures
His creations, carefully, like an egg
From their soles to their head
But not to lust after their bodies
In hope of getting to ride them like a ferry
For it is a sin against God
One man desiring to have them all
One tree with the wind to itself falls
So stay away, but as friends, a few good ones, store
That's to the guys
Now to the ladies,
Indeed, you are the big fairies
That small boys want to snatch like berries
Your beauty overwhelmes them
They'll even go through helll to grab you firm
But don't be deceived when they act as if enchanted
Make you believe it and leave your nights haunted
For you fall to their traps
Open "canaan", they move in and out of you with a flash
then damp and tramp over your dignity
Forgetting they promised; you were their infinity
Stick to God and His words
And he'll give you e'erthing and you'll sstay blessed...