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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Angelic help

This is just a nice way to tell a dear friend that they mean a lot more than just friends to you.....

Take a look at the skies
Try joining the stars
See it forms your name
Its evident the heaven's your place
Heaven sent,so angelic
Your talk, so deep, touches my spirit
though you make me fall
You still keep me standing up tall
So unique in all ways
By your side it makes me want to stay
And you so filled with love
Indeed, you are an angel from above

Good Bye

This might not actually be the best break-up message but i do believe it will at least reduce the pain and leave your partner thinking of how much they are goin to miss in your absence...

I don't know how you see this ride
But I think I became your plight
That's why, hitherto, I had to alight...
I hate it, becoming a nuisance
In someone's life, like this instance
It hurt, when to you, someone is important
But to them, you just another passer-by
No essence almost like a house-fly
And your stay has a big "Why??"
So I leave, to save you trouble
Coz I know, it can be unbearable
And the feel, really horrible
Don't know but this might be our good-byes
So if i'm your gravity, i leave you to fly high
But hope to ever see you again, maybe our next life

Friday, November 22, 2013

In Love

Like the bermuda triangle,
i've fallen for you, broken my heart's handle
And can't get out 'less divine intervention
Pilot with a confused mind, needs rehabilitation
Navigation so bad, got to do a meditation
can't get my course straight
Pretty lady, hope i didn't arrive late
To show you life from my angle
But only from the preamble

the Youth and Love

No matter how beautiful a girl is,
Don't ever forget this
They are there for you to admire nature
To see how God nurtures
His creations, carefully, like an egg
From their soles to their head
But not to lust after their bodies
In hope of getting to ride them like a ferry
For it is a sin against God
One man desiring to have them all
One tree with the wind to itself falls
So stay away, but as friends, a few good ones, store
That's to the guys
Now to the ladies,
Indeed, you are the big fairies
That small boys want to snatch like berries
Your beauty overwhelmes them
They'll even go through helll to grab you firm
But don't be deceived when they act as if enchanted
Make you believe it and leave your nights haunted
For you fall to their traps
Open "canaan", they move in and out of you with a flash
then damp and tramp over your dignity
Forgetting they promised; you were their infinity
Stick to God and His words
And he'll give you e'erthing and you'll sstay blessed...

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Life is a challenge!!
But I'm no challenger...
It is a war!!
But I'm no soldier...
Moving too fast!!
Just live it as it comes...
Giving the best i can offer...
Making use of opportunities...
Truly, a teacher!!
Yep, just trying to be a good student.

A Soldier Yesterday, Today Now

Boom!! Boom!! Blast!!
That sound was the last
A soldier from the past
Now he no more is
But he never forgets this
To embrace who he is
What he did 'coz of the law
Now what he is 'coz of the Lord
And to be at peace
To be a man at ease
With a heart so pleased

Future - tomorrow

I might run away
To find another way
Or just another day
My deeds will pay
And when my bed i lay
A sound sleep i crave
And peace for my soul i pray
For on this earth i stay
Live for short i may
But i pray ma days will delay
To give time while i make hay
While my sunshine days ablaze
And that's just my hopes i say

The struggles of life (poverty, loneliness, sadness)

A cold day, a cool breeze
Skies look bright
The sun still gives light
His heart looks pure, white
But within him is fright
Of what is ahead, a fight
Though he wish he'd fly
To save him from a cry
And the questions of why
Escape them all if he'd the might
Take a deep breath or sigh
But he can't
He chose this life
And he's got to face it
Live it till mind and heart split
Can't even lie, only sit
No sleep, just a forty winks
And it's hard
Straight, he can't think
And that's what he gets
But he takes risks
This life he's living
Trying to earn a living
While he's still breathing
God bless his days
That's all he thinks of and prays

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Don't think you got a big load
Coz it ain't bigger than Noah's boat
Don't let the devil deceive you
For he just wants to destruction for you
You transgressions no matter how great
Don't worry, it's never late
Just take them into confession
The Lord loves you, you'll get your salvation

The world today

Riches, wealth;
Jewellery, treasure;
Basic life essential, health;
Everyone's concern, pleasure;
Dreams, goals, aspirations,
Accomplish them, felicitations;
Open lifes chapter,
Flip through the pages, faster;
It ain't a race, don't rush,
Overspeeding car, you'll crush,
Have a mission, don't be over ambitious
God first, you'd be the best...

Aint no fake guy

A mango tree
A bird and a bee
They all fly free
Wondering about the tree??
Well, that was just me
Catching your attention
Now you listen...
I've got an instinct
That's so distinct
From your precinct
That disproves your predictions
And you should know it
I'm out of your ordinary
I'm real not imaginary
I move through a capillary
Travel in an artery
All in contemporary
So never try to follow
Coz my lead ain't hollow
You can't even touch my shadow
You better watch your role
If you cross my line
I'm going to hit you with rhymes
That will make you look like slime
And that's also real; don't obstruct my prime

Let's be friends

Probably, you met this girl and you'd wish you two could be friends. But with good intentions though. She just ain't well convinced with why you two should be, you could give her this...

A lady met once
Forever you left an impact
Couldn't look at you with just a glance
I had to get your contact
To see you with any chance
Your beauty so intact
You got me so inspired
Staying away from you
Got me suffocating
'coz you what i respire
Cuter than a baby born new
You dont have to be faking
You so special, an angel i require

Asking A girl For Her Name

My first blog post and i decided to just post something about asking a girl for her name. Some may find it 'beating about the bush' but if the girl keeps on being stubborn, you could try this verse... And she might just give up but if she doesn't, you should probably just leave her alone...

You so pretty I'm wondering what you called,
So elegant just looking at you doesn't get me bored,
Fragrant better than rose; Probably you called Rose
Demand so much respect,
Definitely a queen, are you Elizabeth?
Your look as special as writings from a philosopher...
Is your name Mona Lisa?
Made me swayed, so influential
But i don't think you called Oprah!
You get so much care, you living with Nurses?
Okay, I'm out of guesses.
Could you simply tell me your name?