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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Good Bye

This might not actually be the best break-up message but i do believe it will at least reduce the pain and leave your partner thinking of how much they are goin to miss in your absence...

I don't know how you see this ride
But I think I became your plight
That's why, hitherto, I had to alight...
I hate it, becoming a nuisance
In someone's life, like this instance
It hurt, when to you, someone is important
But to them, you just another passer-by
No essence almost like a house-fly
And your stay has a big "Why??"
So I leave, to save you trouble
Coz I know, it can be unbearable
And the feel, really horrible
Don't know but this might be our good-byes
So if i'm your gravity, i leave you to fly high
But hope to ever see you again, maybe our next life