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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The struggles of life (poverty, loneliness, sadness)

A cold day, a cool breeze
Skies look bright
The sun still gives light
His heart looks pure, white
But within him is fright
Of what is ahead, a fight
Though he wish he'd fly
To save him from a cry
And the questions of why
Escape them all if he'd the might
Take a deep breath or sigh
But he can't
He chose this life
And he's got to face it
Live it till mind and heart split
Can't even lie, only sit
No sleep, just a forty winks
And it's hard
Straight, he can't think
And that's what he gets
But he takes risks
This life he's living
Trying to earn a living
While he's still breathing
God bless his days
That's all he thinks of and prays