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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Asking A girl For Her Name

My first blog post and i decided to just post something about asking a girl for her name. Some may find it 'beating about the bush' but if the girl keeps on being stubborn, you could try this verse... And she might just give up but if she doesn't, you should probably just leave her alone...

You so pretty I'm wondering what you called,
So elegant just looking at you doesn't get me bored,
Fragrant better than rose; Probably you called Rose
Demand so much respect,
Definitely a queen, are you Elizabeth?
Your look as special as writings from a philosopher...
Is your name Mona Lisa?
Made me swayed, so influential
But i don't think you called Oprah!
You get so much care, you living with Nurses?
Okay, I'm out of guesses.
Could you simply tell me your name?